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Come home to your self
Touch in, breathe out and let go
Love is what you are

These words came to me yesterday during a writing circle with Ali Grimshaw over at Flashlight Batteries. What an inspiring group of authentic and wise women. Thank you for sharing your gifts and lighting my inner flame!

In Chinese Philosophy, this is the season of the fire element and opening our hearts to connect to others and bring love home to ourselves. It is also the theme for my gentle yoga practices over the summer. Please check out the yoga community page with the summer schedule.


13 comments on “Haiku – just love

  1. a wonderful theme –

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  2. I just love this haiku and see readily the beautiful connection to the theme for this month. I’m looking forward to rejoining your gentle practice soon. 💜🙏🏻

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  3. And LOVE is all we need… Lovely words you were inspired to write Val.. ❤

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  4. Val,
    Every single word of this is perfection. What an honor it is to hold space for your words. I will be adding this poem to my mornings this week. Thank you for being who you are in the world.

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  5. Anonymous

    Lovely haiku and photos

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