Are you drawn to light?
Or the intriguing shadows?
Balance comes with both

I love going to Chanticleer at different times of the day and noticing the subtle changes. We are moving into warmer times, and the woods beckon me, more and more.

The bold colorful blossoms worshiping the sun attract the attention of many people – in the garden and in life. We are drawn to the light, the outer, the active, the fun, the fast moving, pleasures of summer! In Chinese philosophy this is described as a Yang experience. The counter balance to this is Yin, where we embrace the dark, the inner, the hidden, the mysterious, the pause and letting go.

We cannot have one without the other. True balance comes when we recognize both and appreciate the whole. Not being attached to either. Knowing that it will continue to evolve and change.


14 comments on “Haiku – shadow and light

  1. yes, so right


  2. I love the light, but feel drawn to shadows.

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  3. Sharon Lawrence

    Once again profound words. Thanks my friend!

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  4. Anonymous

    So true

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  5. Ahhh, the balance of light and dark, here and gone, yes and no, sadness and joy. I am drawn to the light but keep learning how to befriend and rest in the dark. To sit quietly and learn what the dark yearns for. xoxo

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  6. Lovely images, haiku, and musings Val. Thanks for continually reminding us to find the balance in the middle.

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  7. Yes. So true Val

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  8. I love this ~ and I think in society today we get so fixed on only the yang, the light and the bright/happy life it represents, but it is only one side of the coin and the darker, intriguing shadows of uncertainty also holds so much power for us. A fascinating post, and your words to recognize both and use both allows us to evolve. Beautiful.

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    • Thank you so much Randall. I have been embracing Yin in y yoga practice and sharing it with others. It is a place for exploration and deeply letting go from the Yang external world. 💛🙏🏼💛


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