Fern at Chanticleer Garden on April 7, 2021
a question mark
waving in the wind,
holding to the fetal curl
and the safety
of the winter womb.

not the gentle
kiss of sun,
nor stream voice,
can coax
that frond
to unfurl
one single moment
before it does.

~ Danna Faulds taken from "Go In and In" Poems from the Heart of Yoga

Nature takes its time and follows a deeper knowing for survival and growth.

What a great lesson for every one of us.

You are exactly where you are meant to be right now.

There may be a questioning and a holding on to the safety of the past.

When the time is right we follow our deeper knowing and the call of our inner nature.


20 comments on “Waiting for Safety

  1. Thanks for making this world safer, Val.

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  2. I so appreciate this lovely poem and your soothing words, Val. Thank you.

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  3. Yes, it’s so helpful realize, once again… we’re exactly where we need to be!

    Peace on this beautiful day!

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  4. Beautiful…as is the new site. Change is in the air, the energy of Spring 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

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    • Thank you Mark! I must admit I hit the save button not realizing it would switch to the theme I was playing with. It feels good though to move into something less complex. A bit like life eh? Hope you are doing well my friend💕🙏💕

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  5. Truth! ❤️ 🙏🏽

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  6. Love the new site!

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  7. I guess we can learn much from nature… I’ll be on the lookout for the fern next time I visit Chanticleer…

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  8. Being safe became the most crucial part of life. nice to read this blog.

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