Peace on Earth


“As you transcend the dualities of good and evil, and right and wrong, you awaken into Oneness. It is the only way to really make a difference and bring lasting peace into our world.”

~ Leonard Jacobson

Each of us makes up the collective. Whatever is happening at the collective level is a reflection of who we are as individuals…If you want peace on earth, by all means march in peace rallies, write letters, become politically active. Empower yourself and others as much as possible. But first, confront the dark within yourself. […]

via Peace On Earth – December 2017 – Leonard Jacobson — Evolutionary_Mystic Post

12 Comments on “Peace on Earth

  1. And I am constantly reminded of this very thing. Irritated by another? Look in the mirror. That is another aspect of the One. As am I. Ahhhh … yes. Have a fabulous holiday, Val. 😘

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    • Thank you Mary. This is such a special message. May you embrace the peace and love that abounds for those of us tuned into Oneness. It’s always such a powerful reminder to come back to 💕🙏💕

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