Feeling Adrift

feeling adrift

Adrift by Remina Greenfield.  Source: http://reminagreenfield.com/adrift.html

There will be times when we find ourselves adrift. It is part of the ebb and flow  of life, and an invitation to anchor ourselves once more.

Eventually I came to realize that there is nothing ‘wrong’, just something inside us that requires our attention.

Our thinking mind usually tells us we have to figure out what’s wrong and take action to fix it.  It isn’t surprising that we think this way. Over the years, there are expectations for us to achieve, lead others or reach a goal, and so we have become conditioned to see life in this way.

It is the loss of connection to our inner being that brings about a lack of centeredness and feelings of being adrift. When our heart, mind and spirit are out of alignment, we must tune inwards, rather than start analyzing options.  Our inner being is trying to communicate to us, not through the head, but through our heart.

The mind says, “I need to do something to feel more in control”.

The heart says “Remember me. Where have you been. I miss you.”

To find our way back to center requires us to pause and notice the quiet voice within us. To find our middle ground.Take a moment to close your eyes and sit with this question: “What is my heart telling me?”

And listen for guidance.
Then phrase words for yourself as a guiding mantra. They may be something like: “Let my breath be my anchor.” “Let compassion be my anchor.” “Let the opening of my heart be my anchor.” “Let trusting be my anchor.” “Let choosing what I love be my anchor.”

Feeling adrift is an invitation to come home to yourself and to your heart.

When you center here, the way is clear.


43 thoughts on “Feeling Adrift

  1. This really touches the spot. I will explain why. I am 73 and my short-term recall is steadily declining. But, say, 20 years ago if I forgot where I left my car keys, for example, I regarded that as just one of those silly things that happens when we are busy or distracted.

    However, these days I see every incident of forgetfulness, and there are many each day, as more and more proof that my brain is really deteriorating.

    So your theme today is a fabulous reminder that I mustn’t allow this mental ‘rut’ to continue and to allow plenty of space for mental peace.

    Thank you, Val!

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    • Allow space … and use lots of post it notes Paul! I also found that being consistent with where I leave my keys and glasses takes away the inevitable wondering of where did I leave …..
      Thank you for sharing 💛

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    • If I may . . .

      An incident of forgetfulness (standing alone) is not proof of brain deterioration. Sometimes we “forget” because we weren’t really paying attention. So we never stored the information . . . or it’s “misfiled.”

      Practicing mindfulness (paying attention to NOW) at moments throughout the day might help with your recall. Just remind yourself to be aware of where you are and what you’re doing as one moment unfolds to the next. Good luck!

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    • Thank you Lorrie 💛 I have had a series of “off” days too. No matter what the cause may be, it’s good to know that others feel the same highs and lows.
      And it’s a reminder for me to heed my own wisdom too 😊

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  3. This is nice to read because I’ve been feeling adrift and lost for a while now. I like to blame the environment that I’m in. It often puts me in a tumultuous state of mind, but I think real inner peace comes from within (because it’s hard to always avoid external negativity), and I should try to use that strength to make opportunities for myself to explore other environments that make me feel safer while floating around in water. There shouldn’t be so much pressure to get to a destination, but the times these days are so fast-paced and tense.

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