The Pendulum Swings

pendulum of life

Image inspired by the song Pendulum by Pearl Jam. Source:

Have patience. The pendulum
that swung too far in one
direction will swing back.
At the moment of its turning,
everything hangs in the balance.
All the momentum of past actions
is suspended in mid-air, and
those who care about what happens next are poised with it.

There is a long and anxious
pause before the motion shifts,
and then the sense of free fall,
when the world is turned on
its head and nothing is known
or normal. Have patience then,
and do not rush to either extreme.
The way will paint its own arrows
on the trees if you can wait for clarity.

~ Danna Fauld

The pendulum of life is always moving and shifting. Yet, with patience, the pendulum also comes close to the ground and finds stillness there. In that moment it finds its middle ground. This is the place where clarity and direction appear.

40 thoughts on “The Pendulum Swings

  1. I have always appreciated the visual aspect of the swinging pendulum of life’s changes. This poetry, and your wise words, Val, on the moment of stillness, are a wonderful reminder of peace even in chaos.

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  2. HaHa…it does not surprise me, but rather gives me a little tickle to my heart that in the first lines of my post today I speak of this pendulum!! How are you, Val? I have missed you…and hope that your summer is wrapping you in love! ❀
    Thanks for always speaking to my heart.

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    • I had a smile as well Lorrie. It’s so important to find our way through the rollercoaster of life and maintain our center. In that way we have the foundation to rise above the drama and swings and become free. πŸ’•


      • You have that so right, Val! It seems that drama can have a life of its own and build one thing after another. And “free” sounds like such a great place! Many blesings being sent to you…and lots of love πŸ’œ

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  4. Very good point! Whenever I am feeling a bit down, I just remind myself that the pendulum will swing in the other direction eventually, and things will get better. And you know what? They always do!


  5. I learned about the pendulum concept in my recovery. I was so far to the extreme in many cases that it will take time and patience to come back to the middle way.

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