Yoga Doing You

beautiful yoga

Beautiful Yoga portrait by Seth Jacobson Photography

Yoga Doing You

Let postures flow,
movement as natural
as moonrise,
being without doing.

Go right to the edge,
to the spark within
each breath, and inquire
into the awareness that
underlies the stretch.

Release the small me
clamoring to be seen,
and experience the
emptiness beneath,
the boundaries
expanse of freedom.

This leap outside
a fixed identity,
this free fall into truth
is, very simply,
yoga doing you.

~ Danna Faulds

This is one of my favorite Danna Faulds poems.Β As a yoga teacher, this is also the vision I hold for my students on their journey into yoga.

When we explore movement and breath, we go deeper within ourselves and allow the prana to move through us… opening, nourishing, healing and energizing mind, body and spirit.

Being without doing.

I have just reserved my place at an Energy Intensive retreat at Kripalu Center in November. Danna Faulds will be there. πŸ™



34 thoughts on “Yoga Doing You

  1. Wonderful poem and that photo! I can’t imagine being able to do it myself. My neurologist urged me to avoid putting pressure on my knees because of pinched nerves and now neuropathy. I’d like to give gentle yoga or chair yoga a try, though.

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  2. Hi Val, what a lovely post thank you. Yoga is doing me as I recover from a stay in hospital where, even in my small corner with the sun coming in through the window, yoga found me and together we played as best we could. Yoga is the beauty, the light, the lightness that releases and gathers and holds us where we need to be in each and every moment.
    thank you Val

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