No Limit

flowing open heart
My overflowing
heart could fill
every chalice,
bowl and basin
to the brim and
still not be diminished.
there simply is no limit to love.

~ Danna Faulds

36 thoughts on “No Limit

    • Hi Eliza. The training was so good and heart centered it felt like R&R … and there was plenty of downtime to integrate the learning with walks or simply soaking up the sun through the windows. They do nourishing really well there 🙏 I thought of you being so close and experiencing 3 seasons in that time! Thank you for asking the question 💛


  1. Love is not measurable and immense. Well expressed in such few words Val!
    I am a new blogger… U can visit my site and check my poems… Feel free to follow back. Thank u

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