Timeless peace
Unscheinbar | leaf macro | by Andrea Witt – on Pinterest


Find your Middle Ground

Fall outside the world of time
Where nothing ever happened
And nothing will ever happen
Forever peace.

Fall inside a part of yourself
That is unperturbed
And free of everything
Perfect stillness and freedom

Let things be
Just be




40 comments on “Inspiration – Timeless Peace

  1. Lust let things just be. Lot of wisdom in that.

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  2. Magnificent image, Val.

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  3. Here speaks the Voice of Calm and Reason.. 🙂 Always a refreshing place to gather ones thoughts and settle within the Peace of your blog dear Val.. ❤

    Have a beautiful start to your week..
    Love Sue ❤

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  4. Beautiful, Val. Thank you. 💕

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  5. Just be . . . and allow bubbles of bliss to surface!

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  6. Ah, a breath of quiet, fresh air here — thank you Val.

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  7. Beautiful, Val. ❤

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  8. Another timeless piece, Val.

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  9. Really lovely, Val — it would be good to read more of your poetry. H ❤

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  10. How I love that inner calm place! 🙂

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  11. As always , positive and relaxing!

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  12. Breathe and just be. Invokes calmness. Lovely Val.

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  13. Wow! soothingly beautiful

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  14. Ahhhhhhh…..
    Thank you, Val! Love the image paired with the beautiful words! ❤

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  15. roseanne333

    I could feel my breathing slow as I read it each subsequent time.
    Beautiful, Val.

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  16. Lovely, Val. That timeless peace we seek outside ourselves, already exists inside us. ❤

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  17. Always within. Love your poem and picture Val 💕

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  18. Beautiful Val, just to be ❤

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  19. This is so beautiful and encouraging. Thank you, Val ❤


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