Just for today

Let go a little more.

Relax a little more

Love a little more


22 comments on “* Music Inspiration – And Winter Came

  1. Beautiful music by Enya, totally relaxing Val 🙂
    Yes, let us let go a little more, great post ❤

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  2. Dear Val, thank you for the moments you found me and guided me along the path. I think the advice you gave in the post was like music to my ears. It is exactly what I plan to do. All the best for a Happy & Healthy 2017! Hugs, Harlon

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  3. Thank you for this gift! I’m going to share on Facebook. ❤

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  4. Such an inspired piece. Thanks for the beauty, Val. Merry Christmas to you. 🎄

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    • Thank you Van! I hope the day has been filled with lots of love and gratitude rather than drama. Family dynamics often creates stories and digs up buried emotions.
      FYI – My twin brother had a heart attack yesterday, so the drama and blame is s right up there along with fear and judgment.
      Boy, does he need more love than that right now. He is doing well thankfully!
      I am the peace maker in our family and have stepped into the role once more.

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  5. Love you a little more each day, Val.

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  6. Glorious! Thank you. Merry Christmas, Val!

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  7. Just beautiful, Val. Thank you!! ❤

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  8. Beautiful, Val! Merry Christmas, my friend! ❤

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  9. I pulled out all my Enya CD’s and plan to use them during my morning reflection and tea time in the coming weeks. Aah . . . that’s better!

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  10. I have most of Enya’s music and listen to it for hours. Especially when sewing.


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