Inspiration – Birthright

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Despite illness of body or mind,
in spite of blinding despair or
habitual belief, who you are
is whole. Let nothing keep you
separate from the truth. The soul,
illumined from within, longs to
be known for what it is. Undying,
untouched by fire or the storms of
life, there is a place inside where
stillness and abiding peace reside.
You can ride the breath to go there.
Despite doubt or hopeless turns of
mind, you are not broken. Spirit
surrounds, embraces, fills you from
the inside out. Release everything
that isn’t your true nature. What’s
left, the fullness, light and shadow,
claim all that as your birthright.

~ Danna Faulds

We realize we are whole when we can touch the deep stillness and space within us. There is love here waiting to be known.

Bringing awareness to our breath, and using it as a tool to calm the mind can bring release and healing. It brings us into the present moment so we can touch this space.

I call it our Middle Ground.

It is there for each and every one of us.


* Music Inspiration – And Winter Came


Just for today

Let go a little more.

Relax a little more

Love a little more


* Music Inspiration – Spirit of Christmas Past

Every day with my yoga students, I look forward to choosing and playing one of my favorite melodies for Savasana (corpse pose). Now its your turn to relax and enjoy 💛

Music can create a shift in our mood.

Certain melodies can soothe and inspire.

Music can bring us to a place of stillness and fill our hearts with love and gratitude.

This is what I want to share with you in the coming days.

May this special time of year open our hearts to living with kindness and love for all.


* Inspiration – Sitting and Feeling


sitting in nature

“Sitting in quiet and stillness and just being in a state of openness gives you a clear opportunity to watch what happens internally when you stop judging your experiences, when you stop judging your mind for being busy, or you stop judging yourself for having a particular feeling.

You don’t try to get rid of the feeling.
You don’t try to get rid of the mind.
You just let go of your judgment.

You let go of trying to control the moment. For a while, you surrender into what is.”

~ Adyashanti

Sometimes we forget about this gift that we can give ourselves.

May you find your middle ground today.

* Instructions

love within


Hold the silence like
a mother holds her child.

Hold your ground while
all around you structures
crumble into nothing.

Focus on the still point
in your center until you
are filled with light, until

Spirit speaks to you in
words you understand,
until the love in your

heart grows so strong
it must be shared.

~ Danna Faulds

Keep sharing the love my friends 💛

The Witness

witness consciousness

When I can be the witness
all manner of miracles occur-
old wounds heal, the past
reveals itself to be released,
present dramas play themselves
out without sinking emotional
talons into my soft skin. The
witness welcomes truth and
dares to meet reality on its
own terms, It is the ground
in which the seeds of
transformation take root
and finally flower. when
the witness is awake, the
lake of mind is still, and
in that mirrored surface,
I see my own true face as
Spirit smiling back at me.

Danna Faulds from Go in and In

These words settled in deeply today as I read them at the end of yoga class.

When we learn to become observers of ourselves – just noticing without judgment, we open the gateway to witness consciousness and inner transformation. Along with this self-awareness comes the contentment of just being here, alive, enjoying being present in this moment.


* Haiku – spins

spider web


Find your middle ground

Connect to inner stillness

while outer world spins


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