Inspiration – Birthright

(C) Creative Commons Zero (CC0)

Despite illness of body or mind,
in spite of blinding despair or
habitual belief, who you are
is whole. Let nothing keep you
separate from the truth. The soul,
illumined from within, longs to
be known for what it is. Undying,
untouched by fire or the storms of
life, there is a place inside where
stillness and abiding peace reside.
You can ride the breath to go there.
Despite doubt or hopeless turns of
mind, you are not broken. Spirit
surrounds, embraces, fills you from
the inside out. Release everything
that isn’t your true nature. What’s
left, the fullness, light and shadow,
claim all that as your birthright.

~ Danna Faulds

We realize we are whole when we can touch the deep stillness and space within us. There is love here waiting to be known.

Bringing awareness to our breath, and using it as a tool to calm the mind can bring release and healing. It brings us into the present moment so we can touch this space.

I call it our Middle Ground.

It is there for each and every one of us.


28 thoughts on “Inspiration – Birthright

  1. Insightful words from Danna. “Despite doubt or hopeless turns of
    mind, you are not broken. Spirit surrounds, embraces, fills you from
    the inside out.” I always feel this as true, after the turmoils of life subside. Thanks for sharing. ❀

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  2. Very beautifully you’ve described that illumined soul. The soul is not broken,not fired & can’t be drowned into the water because it is immortal. If you know your soul these disruptions of life can never distress you.

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  3. As it happens, I read out the closing paragraph of George Monbiot’s book Out Of The Wreckage to our local Freethinker’s meeting this morning. Here it is again, inspired by your post, Val.
    “When we emerge from the age of loneliness and alienation, from an obsession with competition and extreme individualism, from the worship of image and celebrity and power and wealth, we will find a person waiting for us. It is a person better than we might have imagined, whose real character has been suppressed. It is one who lives inside us, who has been there all along.”

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