sitting in nature

“Sitting in quiet and stillness and just being in a state of openness gives you a clear opportunity to watch what happens internally when you stop judging your experiences, when you stop judging your mind for being busy, or you stop judging yourself for having a particular feeling.

You don’t try to get rid of the feeling.
You don’t try to get rid of the mind.
You just let go of your judgment.

You let go of trying to control the moment. For a while, you surrender into what is.”

~ Adyashanti

Sometimes we forget about this gift that we can give ourselves.

May you find your middle ground today.

28 comments on “* Inspiration – Sitting and Feeling

  1. It’s a great gift. Thanks, Val!

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  2. Beautifully stayed Val…

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  3. Reminds me of that idea that less is more. Well done, Val.


  4. Beautiful photos and message Val

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  5. That photo makes me nervous Val! But yes, letting go of all judgment in this moment is what makes the difference. Thankyou. 🙂

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  6. Yes! Allow. Accept. Just be.

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  7. What a wonderful message, Val. Thanks!

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  8. I will take this one in to my day and I bet it will be better for it Val. Thank you.

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  9. Carol Ferenc

    Being still ~ such a rare thing these days. Thank you for this lovely reminder, Val.

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  10. This is so good. Such time to sit and absorb life around you is valuable…and the words and photo in this post take me there. Great post as this is a good feeling and start to today. Take care ~

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  11. It is such an amazing gift we give ouraelves, Val…thank you for reminding me that we have it…always available to us. Namaste and Blessitude ♡

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  12. That is a lovely gift, Val! We just need to remember to give this gift to ourselves often enough ❤

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  13. Martin_a76

    Nice post – thank you for sharing your insight, much appreciated :0)

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