Every day with my yoga students, I look forward to choosing and playing one of my favorite melodies for Savasana (corpse pose). Now its your turn to relax and enjoy 💛

Music can create a shift in our mood.

Certain melodies can soothe and inspire.

Music can bring us to a place of stillness and fill our hearts with love and gratitude.

This is what I want to share with you in the coming days.

May this special time of year open our hearts to living with kindness and love for all.


20 comments on “* Music Inspiration – Spirit of Christmas Past

  1. Lovely Val. Ireland seems to have taken you over poetically and musically. What next? Come visit in 2017??

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  2. I love that music and anything Enya does. I play it over and over for hours.


  3. Wonderful music Val. Let’s spread love and kindness.

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  4. Beautiful moment on your blog, Val. Thank you.

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  5. Merry Christmas! 💖🤶🏻💖🤶🏻💖🤶🏻

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  6. Beautiful post and music Val, I love Enya’s music and find it perfect to set up a thoughtful mood.
    Happy Holidays to you and yours ❤

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  7. Peace wrapped in Enya. Doesn’t get better than this. Merry Christmas Val.


  8. Enya is almost always “just right” for me . . .

    Have a warm and wonderful Christmas . . . full of love, laughter, and light.
    And a touch of merry and bright!

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  9. ❤ Enya! Thank you, Val. ❤

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