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Light Bearers

We are light bearers, stewards of a truth that insists on being shared despite doubt or fear or imagined limitation. We spread the flame by teaching, or by growing still, by daring to be outrageous and dancing beneath the full moon, or by holding…

Chant for Peace with Tina Turner

This is a re-post. I feel like singing and bringing my voice to the world. Please join me and Tina Turner and friends chanting for peace. I love this video. Meaning of the words: Sarva=everything; Sarvesham= all/ everything; Svastir = health/well-being; Bhavatu = let be, may…

Faith vs Belief

I came across this interesting passage from Steven Harrison’s book “The Question to Life’s Answers”. It made me stop and think about what belief I was becoming attached to in this crazy and distressing pre-election time. “We really don’t need to run the show….

Quest for Silence

“Our quest does not involve taking on more ways of describing. It involves removing all descriptions so that we may come home free and dwell in endless silence. Anyone who has had an experience of that silence knows that it cannot be adequately described…

Haiku – peace

~ Peace starts within us. Let the seed found in darkness Grow towards the light ~ Sometimes we need to step back and take time to nurture ourselves and explore the seed within us that’s longing to be nurtured. I tell myself there’s no…

Haiku – stillness

seed sprouts after rain

  ~ Find your Middle Ground Let the seed found in stillness bring peace to the earth. ~ Find your Middle Ground is about stepping away from stressful days and anxious minds, and taking time to pause. When we are mindful of the present…


Originally posted on Peace, Love and Patchouli:
In deepest thoughts we wander aimless and quietly into the forests of yesterday, the heights shrouded in fine mist and our memories hang high in the canopy tops, barely filtered by the light of waking morn. Staring…

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