I came across this interesting passage from Steven Harrison’s book “The Question to Life’s Answers”. It made me stop and think about what belief I was becoming attached to in this crazy and distressing pre-election time.

Voters waiting to vote in polling place

“We really don’t need to run the show. The show is being run through us and through every other living thing. That’s a very faith-based perspective, and it relieves us from having the burden of having to believe.

The problem with belief, is that it requires to have a particular set of ideas that is different from all other sets of ideas. It is the creation of distinction that generates belief. It all generates conflict. It is the basis of war, of separation, of all the human horrors that we’ve seen throughout history.

Faith, on the other hand, is the discarding of those beliefs. It is the possibility of peace, health, community, understanding – all things that we aspire to through our beliefs.

We must deconstruct our belief systems in order to return again to the primal awareness of life or feeling of God’s spirit flowing through us.”


Right now the country is being polarized by groups of people clinging to opposing beliefs. Take a moment to consider letting go of how you may be contributing to this conflict.

Instead of holding on to one set of ideas and rejecting others, in order to evolve, we must return to a more essential place of spirit and love.

I hope you will join me in standing for Faith. And also join me in the practice of voting for the candidates who reflect what you stand for.

I’m a pragmatist too.



26 comments on “Faith vs Belief

  1. i like this perspective

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  2. What I don’t understand about a lot of people is the second half of your statement about belief. I was raised in s home where my mother and father were of different religions. Neither was ever considered wrong. You can believe without rejecting others.

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    • Understanding and acceptance of difference prevents polarization and conflict. Holding to a belief and supporting others in theirs, sounds like a valid path for where we are now. Thanks for sharing this Dan 💛

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  3. Yes. Good for you Val. Love will lead the way.

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  4. Sage advice Val 🙏🏻

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  5. Faith. Such an immense being.

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  6. The quote woke me up this morning, thanks Val, it provides an answer to a question I didn’t know I’d pondered over for so long…

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  7. To having faith, Val, I proffer this definition from ancient-hebrew.com:

    When the Hebrew word emunah is translated as “faith,” as it often is, misconceptions of its meaning occur. Faith is usually perceived as a knowing while the Hebrew emunah is a firm action. To have faith in Elohiym is not knowing that Elohiym exists or knowing that he will act, rather it is that the one with emunah will act with firmness toward Elohiym’s will.

    In it’s essence, at least per my interpretation, this considers “faith” as acting firmly toward God’s will. Faith as many of us know/believe it, absent firm action, is simply a knowing.

    I share this, in part, because one of my sister’s who has been studying the Torah for 5+ years, has listened to my rationalization about these elections (and the state of our country in general) and encouraged me to pro-actively engage. To act, not to simply to passively have faith. I do have faith, in what is right and aligned with my values but I will not let people continue to perpetuate hate, violence and amoral action.

    I will join you in standing for Faith. Respectfully, I hope you and others will join me in aggressively acting for critically needed change.

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  8. We must deconstruct our belief systems in order to return again to the primal awareness of life or feeling of God’s spirit flowing through us.”

    Yes. Look deep. The answers lie within.

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  9. The Faith and belief distinction is an important one. Thank you for offering this, especially at this time. I also agree with Eric about taking action…and that action is different for each of us, and is right action if grounded in our Faith. Thank you for this post, Val.

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  10. Wow, this is so good, Val… thank you ❤

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  11. Amen, Val – we definitely need to find the Middle Ground! 😉

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  12. Well said, Val. Wise words, as always. ❤️

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  13. Well said, Val. It is time to “deconstruct our belief systems in order to return again to the primal awareness of life or feeling of God’s spirit flowing through us.” So profoundly true!

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  14. Excellent Post, thank You.

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