Haiku – peace

grow towards the light
Source: © creativecommonsstockphotos ID 83078359 | Dreamstime Stock Photos
Peace starts within us.
Let the seed found in darkness
Grow towards the light

Sometimes we need to step back and take time to nurture ourselves and explore the seed within us that’s longing to be nurtured.

I tell myself there’s no rush. It’s okay to get my hands dirty. Everything will unfold and grow in its own way.

It feels good to catch up and connect with my WordPress community again❣




40 Comments on “Haiku – peace

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  3. It is wonderful when we are in a ‘trusting place’, sit back and let everything unfold and grow at the right time. Great reminder, Val ❤

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  4. Yes, Peace does start with us!! Beautiful, Val! And as you can tell I’m running behind (again) here on WP. *sigh* (LOL) I am just one person. Much Love to you! 🌹


    • Thank you Brian. I’m wondering what the intention is behind bearing fruit. Is is to bring to others or strengthen ourselves? ….


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