find your middle ground
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Life is a series of highs and Lows.

Be grateful for the highs and be graceful in the lows,

Knowing that inner peace is possible.

We all experience stress as we go through life, and our experience of stress varies. Take a moment to consider these examples and how you react to each of them:

– Bungie jumping
– Giving a presentation
– Losing your smart phone
– Rappelling down a mountain
– Looking after a newborn baby
– Driving a formula one Ferrari
– Teaching a yoga class
– Being without internet for a week

Something that feels highly stressful to one person, may be an adventure to an other. Our thinking varies about each experience. (Okay – maybe not losing your smartphone)

All experience of stress is a result of thought.

The good news is that we have the ability to change our thinking. Our thoughts are not the truth. We can shift our perspective, and prevent potential stress by re-framing our thinking.

However, we can’t do that as long as we keep moving so fast, getting distracted and triggered by external events and people. We must learn to slow down.

When we know in our hearts that its possible to feel peace, despite what we are experiencing, we have hope.

We slow down and find our middle ground … again and again.

31 comments on “Inner Peace is Possible

  1. Thanks for this post. Truly, peace must come from within. My source of peace is the Prince of Peace Himself and He’s the one who renewed my mind day after day. Nice post!

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  2. “Being without internet for a week ???” Acck.

    Actually, in 2011, we were without power for 10 days due to a freak snowstorm. For the first few days, the cell towers were also dead in our area. I got an internet fix and a battery charge at a charging station the town set up in Town Hall. It was interesting and amazing how we all got along in that room.

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  3. “We must learn to slow down.” Indeed. Thought of the mind vs. thought of the heart/spirit, 2 voices, one resulting in peace, one resulting in stress, fear or chaos. Thought of the mind is swift and on the run, overpowering the inner voice … as a semi-truck would speeding past a Volkswagen Beetle on a highway. The only way to your inner voice is to slow down. I loved this, thank you. Kimberly

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  4. This fine post reminded me of one of my songs: “Slow Me Down”

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  5. Yes! Stress is often a product of our imagination ~> overflowing with “what ifs?” . . .

    We can reign it in and BE HERE NOW.
    In the moment.
    instead of living so many years ahead of each day.

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  6. Oh, a timely reminder for me today! Thanks Val.

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  7. “Be grateful for the highs and be graceful in the lows.” Love this line, Val! ❤

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  8. Lovely reminder to slow down and be present. Breathe and Be. Breathe and Be.

    Thanks Val! ❤

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  9. Yes. Those appear to be very stressful. I’ll take slowing down. 🙂

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  10. Lovely post, Val. And a good reminder of how much control we have over our experience of stress. Have a lovely, stressfree weekend. 🙂

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  11. Well, bungie jumping would be a no-no for me with a severe spinal problem, but I think I could handle the rest, except for being without the internet for a week. Now THAT, for me, would be a real stressor as it’s my lifeline to paying bills etc let alone the people contact. I do panic when my computer is playing up.

    Yes, we all have stress in a variety of situations. We all have our own story and what goes on behind each person’s facade they present to the world is often surprising.

    Hope you’re enjoying a stress-free weekend, Val 🙂

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  12. Finding peace in the slow Val! Beautiful 🙏🏻🌈 Happy Easter 🐇💕

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  13. Thank you for this, Val. ♡
    Diana xo


  14. Today I am walking more slowly, with more awareness, because of you. I thank you.


  15. Great Tips indeed!


  16. The Story Knitter

    Nicely penned.


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