“I am not a library, I am a lighthouse. You have to attune yourself to my vibration. Don’t bother studying me. Just tune in and soon you will discover the vibration of the Self.

To try and study takes a long time. If you tune in, you actually expand a hundred times faster than studying, but it requires a trusting and a letting go —the thing your mind is most afraid of.”*

~ Mooji

The answer is not from the words, it’s the knowing beyond the words. When I tune in to Mooji’s light, it helps me to let go and brings me Home.



* Mooji (2015-12-03). White Fire: Spiritual insights and teachings of advaita zen master Mooji (Kindle Locations 1549-1552). Mooji Media Publications. Kindle Edition.

42 comments on “* Inspiration – Lighthouse

  1. Beautiful, Val. Lighthouses are my happy place. That’s a gorgeous photo.

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  2. Fascinating one, Val, as lighthouses are so individual in terms of both colour and the timing of the lights. So, in ways, they are like books but they are more like people.
    I know this is on a slight tangent but it’s where your post brought me.

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  3. When something we hear resonates with us and we immediately know it is part of our truth/path ~> such a good feeling.

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  4. Sometimes, it is so simple, yet we try too hard. 💘

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    • Simplicity is the answer isn’t it Van. It’s our mind that makes things complex … and then we add our emotions and everything seems to get tied in knots 💛

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  5. Val, it seems Mooji is here talking about something covered in a very wonderful book called The Zen Teaching of Huang Po on the Transmission of Mind, and as translated by the Englishman John Blofeld. It’s only a short work, but is really quite sublime, I think, if you’re at all interested or if you haven’t yet encountered it.

    “If you would only rid yourselves of the concepts of ordinary and Enlightened, you would find that there is no other Buddha than the Buddha in your own Mind. The arising and the elimination of illusion are both illusory. Illusion is not something rooted in Reality; it exists because of your dualistic thinking. If you will only cease to indulge in opposed concepts such as ‘ordinary’ and ‘Enlightened’, illusion will cease of itself.”

    – Huang Po (Died 850 AD)

    H ❤

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    • I haven’t heard of this work Hariod. Will definitely explore further. 💛

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    • Hariod, I am ordering it now on Amazon. What else would you recommend for me to ponder and relish over the holidays?


      • I suppose it’s different for all of us, isn’t it Val, but what you’re currently reading – I Am That – along with Blofeld’s Huang Po translation are the two works that stood head and shoulders above the rest, over some 30 years of reading such classic texts. That said, then if you like the Huang Po, then you may also like Blofeld’s translation of Hui Hai, who was a contemporary of Huang Po; that book is called Zen Teaching of Instantaneous Awakening: Being the Teaching of the Zen Master Hui Hai, known as the Great Pearl. Happy shopping! H ❤

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  6. eyes closed
    and still seeing
    your light, Val 🙂

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  7. Val I needed this today I am painting a landscape, something I never do. I have attempted it twice and scrapped it twice. Today I am not going to think too much today Im just going be my authentic self and paint what I see. Today I will tune in to the gifts given to me, lose the self doubt and paint. Thanks for the inspiration have a wonderful day.

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  8. Beautiful Val, tuning in and seeing more clearly 🌟🌟

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  9. Thank you again, Val, for this post. It is a bright and clear pointer.

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  11. Be the light. Love it.

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  12. Beautiful and true Val 🙂
    I needed this one today.

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  13. This is such a beautiful quote. So relevant to me right now. As you well know. If only the trusting and letting go part weren’t the key to the gate I’d already be in that garden of expansion … 🙂

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  14. PS: I just googled Mooji and got stuck on his video section, stumbling over this one: “Satsang Doesn’t Give You a Key, It Removes the Door”. Given the comment I had just left here it seemed the most fitting one to start with. As it turns out it’s picked me right up from where I stand right now. Thanks for that little but important pointer.

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  15. Lovely, Val. Sometimes we overthink and don’t leave space for what we already know 🙂

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  16. Wonderful advice! Sounds easy to do…if not for the mind 🙂

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    • Thank you for the share! We are all learners on this path .. and come across new ideas and approaches. This is the way of the enduring life learner 💛


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