* Nature’s Rhythms

ocean at night

Source: Pinterest

“There is both in Nature and in ourselves, an indissoluble unity of body, mind and spirit. Within this unity, however, there is always the ceaseless interplay of Yin and Yang and the constant flow of the Five Elements in everything that we find around us. Both patterns exist together in Nature and are there for us to observe.

There is no mystery in this. When we watch the evening tide come in, we sometimes look at the shimmering brilliance of wave after wave tumbling in to the shore (yang energy) and at other times we are hypnotized by the gradual rise of the swell (yin energy). Both aspects are there together within the one moment, and a thousand other aspects if we could really see the full beauty of Nature’s rhythms.”

~ J.R. Worsley

I was entranced by this paragraph in Professor J R Worsley’s primer on Classical Five Element Acupuncture. I haveΒ regular acupuncture sessions with fellow yogi Kyle Williams in Media. Thank you Kyle for lending me the book to help me understand the Five Elements and the Officials in Acupuncture.

It has inspired me to learn more, and to explore the natural balance of Yin and Yang and the movement of energy through the body in the practice of Yoga…




26 thoughts on “* Nature’s Rhythms

    • Thank you Louise! We accept the yin and yang in nature a lot more easily than the counter energies within ourselves. Yet both are needed. Yang is associated with male energy, and Yin with female. In the world today, I feel we are out of balance. I would like to bring more Yin and female energy into people’s minds bodies and spirit πŸ’•


  1. Lovely quote. The sea teaches us so much, as well as all of nature. The picture you found is really pretty and perfect for the quote. I will be interested to hear how the new facet of your yoga practice rewards you.


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