* Come to Our Senses



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“Hands grasp, but also give.

Mouth tastes, but also speaks.

Nose breathes, but also smells.

Eyes see, but also show.

Ears hear, but also balance.”

All parts of ourselves both give and receive. They function on the principle of reciprocity inherent in their very character.

If our senses are so noble, shouldn’t we be as well?

~ Deng Ming-Dao Daily Meditations

This did make me stop and think today.

Its time for us to come to our noble senses!

So much of life has become about grasping and holding on – to material things, relationships, thoughts and beliefs. In order to find a natural state of balance we must learn to let go.

This is not an easy thing to do. It takes practice to notice what we are attached to. It is also a practice to be with these observations of ourselves, and notice the thoughts that come up.

The ego-mind will reject the scrutiny, as it feels threatened to give up control. So as you pause in self inquiry, expect it to resist and find a “reasonable” way to hold on even more. Notice how clever the mind can be in distracting you from looking inwards.

May we all come to our senses and realize that reciprocity is not only noble but vital for the survival of us all.


25 thoughts on “* Come to Our Senses

  1. I love it, Val. So many times we hold on tight to things we think we need to feel safe…and the funny thing is if we could just let it go there is such a freedom that allows us to stand in our power…and once there fear is banished!! Thank you, friend ♡

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  2. Don’t touch my plum tree!
    Said my friend and saying so
    Broke the branch for me

    ― Bashō Matsuo

    I think there’s some kind of reciprocity going on in there. o_O Oh, alright then, maybe there isn’t, but it reminded me of the futility of holding on, Val. It sometimes seems that the harder we hold on in cupidity, the less we are able to enjoy what fruits we already possess.

    H ❤

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  3. So True…. If we don’t follow the rule of reciprocity, we’ll have a stunted growth…

    We Take in Oxygen and give out Carbon dioxide,, if it’s not so… We are Dead…
    Thanks for sharing

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