autumn sunshine


Savor this moment

 Take some time to feel the good

Feel it like the sun



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34 comments on “* Haiku – Feel the Good

  1. Much-needed wisdom.

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  2. I feel it like the sun, Val. Thanks!

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  3. Lovely! Just read this to my husband (himself a poet) as we drive down I-95 on our first trek as snowbirds. Today I’ve read him Ann’s, yours and Tiramit’s great blogposts as we speed along. Thanks for the good words!

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  4. I’m taking your advice and heading out to do some writing under the warmth of our autumn sun…it’s a gorgeous day today. Thank you, Val. ❤

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  5. I’m feelin’ it, like a Sunflower leaning in!

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  6. thank you Val!
    i’ll soon be going
    out into the cloudy day
    to feel it’s sunshine 🙂

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  7. Your photograph is so beautiful and spiritual, with the sun radiating from the skies. I had a sunset behind me when I took my picture featured today on my post. It needed your wonderful haiku. 🙂

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  9. This One is a perfect haiku to illustrate the ancient roman motto `carpe diem´… beautifully penned, dear Val… wishing you a great week ahead. Love. Aquileana .🙂

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  10. In such turbulent and uneasy times, we need to feel the good and BE the good.

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  11. The words wash over me and have me feeling so happy, Val! ❤

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  12. ahhh, it warms my heart. xo

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  13. “Feel it like the sun””–that says it all. Lovely, Val.

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  14. You always exude that Feel Good Factor here Val 🙂 Enjoy your day 🙂 ❤

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