“We feel conflict.

The conflict we feel is not a problem.

It is a messenger.

We do not need help; we need only understand that there is no choice in life but to follow the conflict where it takes us.

If we are prepared to go there, we may discover the actuality of self and the nature of our sorrow.”

~ Steven Harrison

This is a message I wish I had heard many years ago. Although, to be frank, I probably would not have been ready to hear it!

All emotions are messengers and reflect a deeper state of our being. As long as we avoid looking at the uncomfortable ones we limit our growth and ability to connect fully to our higher Self and life.

Our ego mind will tell us we shouldn’t be feeling these feelings and judge us for not being better than this.

Yet it isn’t a problem. There is no better or worse.

Let go of judging how you think you should be.

Allow your mind to be open to it. And then your heart.

Be kind and compassionate towards yourself, until you are ready to follow where the feeling takes you.


38 comments on “* Inspiration – conflict

  1. Wonderful words of wisdom. Thank you, Val. xo

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  2. So true — had I known this years ago, I might not have ‘known’ it! Hugs ❤

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  3. Thank you for those wise words Val.. So true.. I feel we need to go through our various conflicts in order to understand that they bring with them their own learning as we travel along our pathways of life.. Its often not until we have travelled through them and we stop to look back at our journey that we see just how those conflicts moulded us into the people we are today..
    Love and Blessings to you Val and wishing you a wonderful Wednesday xx

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    • Thank you Sue for sharing your wisdom here 💕 So many of us go through life trying to avoid conflict or resent having to deal with it. Yet looking back in the times of conflict in my life, the have been some important lessons about myself and my beliefs about how things “should” be. May your Wednesday end well !

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  4. A great message, we all need the reminder, Val. Thanks. ☺

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  5. Do I have to? Ha ha. Just kidding. Discomfort is an excellent teacher 🙂

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  6. Lovely message and quote, Val — thank you for the reminder to just let it unfold.

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  7. I think you’re right Val. We hope we had heard and internalized these (and similar) messages much earlier in life, but there is a high likelihood that we were not ready to take them in. Everything comes at the right time 🙂

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  8. Love the post Val. Sad how conflict is often looked upon as an enemy and not as a friend in disguise. I always feel that conflict puts us in touch with that which needs to be dealt with. It awakens consciousness.

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    • I agree Don. Wise words from life’s experience. I was brought up in a house where conflict was to be avoided at all costs … Until things blew up, then we all scurried for cover. Being open to it and embracing is something I now bring awareness to every day. As an aside, My second husband is an Italian American, for whom conflict and passion is like breathing. This is where I have learned that conflict is an invitation to lean closer and keep my heart open in order to understand. Thanks for listening 💕

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      • I can relate to your experience Val.I had similar experiences. Really coloured my understanding of conflict. Took me a long time to learn how to deal with it constructively.

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  9. Profound, and so, so true!

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  10. Yes, it’s kind of an advanced concept, so don’t be too hard on your younger self! Life gets so much easier when we realise that our whole life is communicating with us – and if we pay attention we can avoid a whole pile of pain and suffering.


  11. I heard a familiar quote the other day “Life is not happening to me, it’s happening for me”Conflict and happiness come to teach us and balance us. Wise words Val 💚

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  12. Thanks, Val, that makes sense. We can’t walk (or work) through anything by burying our heads in the sand.

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  13. Very true 🙂 Sometimes it is necessary to take time with ourselves to ride through the sticky emotions, without judgment. That’s how we find our way back to what’s our true self. Your post has lot of resonance with my latest post “What are you really looking at?”
    Thank you for your gentle post, a reminder to let everything be your light and guide you.

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  14. Learning to be compassionate with one’s self may take a lifetime, but I think it is a good practice! 🙂 ❤

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  15. As someone who tends to avoid conflict whenever possible, this was a good thing for me to hear. Thank you!

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    • Thanks for sharing here Ann. Conflict was a big no no for me for many years. And then I realized I had only learned avoidance as I grew up. It really is an opportunity to face some of the deeper aspects of our being when we let of of the conditioned habitual reaction to it. There is much to learn here, It isn’t easy though that’s for sure!

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  16. Being kind and compassionate to oneself is something many of our young folk need to hear (in particular). When I go back to bloggers who’ve viewed my own PhotoBlogs, I find so many young adults who are so self critical and feel so much self-hatred or dissatisfaction because they don’t fit in or can’t keep up with their peers.

    Their self-esteem is so poor. I suppose I might have been similar 40 years ago (or maybe not).

    The show so much unkindness towards others too. I guess much of it goes back to family dysfunction or unrealistic expectations in life. There is too much peer pressure and criticism on social media methinks.


  17. As you say Val, years ago I too would not have been ready for it and even today there is a tendency to avoid confrontation, but having had ten years of retirement to contemplate my inner self I may have gained sufficient confidence to face whatever comes my way! Though life is good and I am much blessed looking forward to a bright future turning conflict into compassionate care. Love, David

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  18. Wonderful words of wisdom, thank you.

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