* Inspiration – Self Inquiry and Dreadlocks


“You know, in Jamaica, when we make dreadlocks in our hair, we keep twisting and twisting, but in the beginning they simply do not stay.

For a while nothing seems to be happening but you must just keep twisting and putting some beeswax in it. Then one day you wake up and it has all come together by itself, and you say, β€˜Wow, it just did it by itself.’ Afterwards, the whole process just continues naturally.

Self-inquiry is a bit like this.”Β 

~ Mooji *

I love this analogy from Mooji.

Whether we want to bring about change, or intend to evolve as human beings, the answer lies in commitment and consistent practice. Only then will will reach the feeling of natural ease.

Spiritual self inquiry requires this, along with courage and an open heart to uncover who we truly are.


*Mooji (2015-12-03). White Fire: Spiritual insights and teachings of advaita zen master Mooji (Kindle Locations 1464-1467). Mooji Media Publications. Kindle Edition.

39 thoughts on “* Inspiration – Self Inquiry and Dreadlocks

  1. This is wonderful wisdom Val. Often it can feel like we are getting nowhere with our practice, only to wake up one morning and realize the immense change that has happened over time. Namaste sister. πŸ™πŸ»πŸ’š

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  2. Beautiful wisdom Val πŸ™‚
    In the beginning I found it so difficult to believe, that I just needed to continue to practice for one day to wake up and see the results. Now I feel bad, if I don’t have the possibilities to practice, when I wish to.

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  3. Is this not the same as the pursuit of happiness? Some may see you as selfish, but that’s all right, who are they to judge you? When one morning you wake up as all seems to fall into its natural place which I call the new level of consciousness called happiness. Whether it’s dreadlocks or a clear understanding of who and what you really are, it’s all the same to me. Love, David

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  4. I needed this inspiration today. I’ve recently decided to loc (freeform) my hair (and to document it via a blog), and the process definitely takes patience. It will, however, be worth it in the end.

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