* The Precious Life in You

daisy on dashboardToday

Take a moment to pause

To listen to the quietness,

Breathe into your very being.

Accept this moment fully.


Be a witness to your self

Realize you are not your thoughts and feelings

Embrace your imperfect humanity

Accepting whatever comes up.


This is your life energy

Let it flow through you.

Opening, nourishing and releasing

Whatever you have been holding on to.

Surrender and let go.

Embrace this precious life in you … and in others.



27 thoughts on “* The Precious Life in You

  1. Val I breathed in so so deep, and was so so refreshed by your words .. And I let out my breath real slow.. as I emptied that which I was holding on to..

    Love to you my sister, I needed that today πŸ™‚ ❀

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