beaver with hands on head

“Information is not wisdom. The mind, while a great and irreplaceable tool, can store instead of feel, can sort instead of understand, can, like a beaver builds a dam of everything precious. If you cannot speak when your mouth is stuffed with unchewed wood, how can you think clearly if your mind is stuffed with undigested information? …

But how do we empty the mind? By not overthinking. By not storing and sorting. By not playing fears or dreams or doubts of praise. By choosing the most important thing on our endless list of things to do and doing it fully after tearing up the list.”

~ Mark Nepo from The Book of Awakening


Pause and be still

Find your Middle Ground every day

Allow the mind to clear

Connect to your wisdom.

Remember the beaver

22 comments on “* Information vs Wisdom

  1. Very wise words.

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  2. Oh yes, I definitely remember the beaver…wise and cute!

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  3. I recently came upon this quote and I think it may fit the intent of your post. “Rule the mind or the mind will rule you.”

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  4. Excellent….TMI numbs the mind

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  5. You do know I depend on you, Val, for my daily dose of wisdom! 🙂

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  6. That is one hell of a quote. I need to get that wood out of my mouth!

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  7. It’s good to clear out the dead wood!

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  8. Focusing naturally clears a busy mind. Wise words.

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  9. Carol Ferenc

    I will remember the beaver . . . cute little guy!

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  10. the end of knowledge is wisdom.. so a long way to go for most of us eh? 😉

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    • Our thinking about this does tend to get in the way of simpler accepting it and letting go doesn’t it Eve… Thank you for visiting


  11. I think about how much information my children have stored in their young minds and yet the wisdom comes later. Learning slowly to stop and just breathe. Then the wisdom comes on what I must do for my day. Thanks Val always come away inspired from your posts.

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