* Making Friends with our Emotions

I am grateful to work with clients who want to find their middle ground. A big part of this is becoming aware of what gets in the way and making friends with our emotions. Β This poem by Chade Meng Tan is taken from his book Search Inside Yourself. It is inspired by Rumi’s The Guest House and the work of Mingyur Rinpoche, as well as the Tale of the Two Wolves.

Real monsteres

My monsters come in different shapes and sizes.
Over the years I have learned to deal with them.
I do that by letting go.

First, I let go of my wish to suppress them.
When they arrive, I acknowledge them
I let them be

Next, I let go of my instinct to vilify them.
I seek to understand them.
I see them for who they are.

They are merely creations of my body and mind.
I humor them a little.
I joke with them.
I joke about them.
I let them play.

Then I let go of my desire to feed them.
They may play here all they want.
but they get no food from me.

They are free to stay here hungry if they want.
I continue to let them be.
Then they get really hungry.
And sometimes they leave.

Finally, I let go of my desire to hold on to them.
They are free to leave as they wish.
I let them go.
I am free.
For now.

I do not overcome them.
They do not overcome me.
And we live together
In harmony


Mindful awareness… letting go… accepting emotions for what they are … and finding life in balance.

Aahhh … now that feels better.

32 thoughts on “* Making Friends with our Emotions

  1. Love this post. I’m trying to do the same with both my emotions and my ambitions. Now they stay for a while and then they go, letting space for stillness. It is interesting to note how in this process of observing emotions there appears to be an evolution in the relationship with them. At first they look scary, so scary we don’t want to see them. Emotions then transform into something simpler and gentler. Your post summarised all of this so well.

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  2. I like that! It reminds me of a meme, about how here in the South we don’t hid our skeletons in the closet, we bring them out, sit them on the front porch and have tea with them. And it sounds silly, but I like it, it reminds me that I have to live in harmony with myself, like the above insert does! πŸ™‚ Thank you!

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