Nurturing Thursday – Letting Go

Tolle - letting go

“Sometimes letting go is an act of far greater power than defending or hanging on”

~ Eckhart Tolle

Letting go can be more powerful that putting our energy into defending or hanging on… yet it is often hard to do.

Sometimes we don’t realize that we are holding on to something until we notice tension in our body or mind. And even then, our resistance to surrender continues.

I like to think of letting go as a real gift to ourselves.

To let go, we give up the illusion of control, and become vulnerable.

When we become vulnerable we let the love in.

It is an act of compassion and acceptance.

It connects us to the present moment and to our inner being.

  • What can you let go of today as a loving gift to yourself?

Thanks to Becca Givens for inspiring Nurturing Thursday! Click here to find more goodness.

21 thoughts on “Nurturing Thursday – Letting Go

  1. I’m working on this one now, as I sit back and watch my daughter make decisions about her life and realize she is an adult now. It is truly an exercising in giving up my illusion of control.

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  2. This came at an appropriate time for me as I have been battling with a minor but nevertheless (hopefully temporary) disabling injury that happened at a time I was at my best level of fitness and health that I have been for over fifteen years. My good health and fitness had been my focus and triumph over the past six difficult months. So when I became injured, I found it very uncomfortable ‘letting go’ of my health and fitness, accept that I was a ‘patient’ who needed help, and do what the physio and doctor said which was to rest – rest – rest so that I could heal.
    Now, after two weeks of watching about forty DVDs, reading, and not much else, I am in a much better place! And I am gradually learning to work around the still troubling, but thankfully improving, symptoms and temporary disablement.
    The ‘becoming vulnerable’, and stop fighting the symptoms, was the key to the cure.

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