* Haiku – mindless

mindful loving moment


Find Your Middle Ground

Embracing mindful moments

in our mindless days 


mindless day


May we all slow down so we don’t lose sight of what truly matters. ❤️


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You can learn more about how to Find Your Middle Ground here.

12 thoughts on “* Haiku – mindless

  1. How that image sums up the insanity today of the obsession of technology over people. Humans have begun to behave like machines in many ways and to me, that is quite scary. Thank you, Val, for this reminder, and hopefully those who do read this, will THINK. Bless you, my friend. Love, Amy ❤

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      • Val, in order for people to actually SEE what they are doing, sometimes we must point it out to them. This world needs so much change for the better, so please don’t allow fear to step in your way from speaking up and saying Truth. I really respect you for doing so!!! (((HUGS))) Amy ❤

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