* Haiku – beneath

peace beneath


Find Your Middle Ground

Let fear yield to inner peace

Beneath the surface


May we find our way to be like the fish in this image…

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26 Comments on “* Haiku – beneath

  1. What a great shot to illustrate your point ~ rather than being tossed around by the waves at the surface, we can dive deep.


    • And to carry the metaphor a little further or, perhaps, a little deeper would be more appropriate, anyone who has ever scuba dived will realise how quickly one descends into the peace of the ocean. I agree about that being a great photograph.

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      • Paul, I hear it is the ultimate in peace and a feeling of going back to the womb. Thank you for your appreciation and comment πŸ™‚


    • The words come first with me Diana … and then it can take some time to find the right photograph to go with it. This one really is amazing isn’t it! Glad you liked it too!

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  2. I got taken aback by this one because at first glance it looked like the fish was swimming into a storm. Now I see that the storm is above it, and the fish is below in peaceful waters. I was wondering though, whether diving underneath the storm is actually hiding from it, denying its existence. Sometimes (in life) you need to face whatever storm there is with the aim of rising ABOVE it. There, above the storm, there is not only peace but also light.


    • Thank you for this perspective Elizabeth. We are often told to rise about something … when in fact this can also be a way to escape from feeling the discomfort and pain associated with the storm.
      The analogy of the calm beneath the waves come from both Buddhism and Emotional Intelligence.
      Beneath the waves of emotions is the constant peace within us all.
      The storm is our reaction to an external situation.
      The peace is always within us.
      I also like the idea that the light is always emanating inside of us. There is no above and below.
      Thank you!
      Val x


  3. What a powerful post!! And what a photo!! Wow, Val. How your words fit so perfectly with this image … just incredible. (((HUGS))) Amy


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