Moods arise from fear

So be kind

Focus on the good in others

It isn’t about you or me

Its part of the human condition

Don’t take it personally

Simple as that

Val x

17 comments on “* Inspiration – Moods

  1. Yup. When you no longer feel as if you are walking around with a bulls-eye on your forehead, life is infinitely easier. 😎


  2. I’m discovering that when things aren’t going smoothly it’s because others tend to treat me based on what they are bringing to the table and not based on me. I’m with Nancy, life is easier once we accept that realization. It really isn’t personal!


  3. Simple as that, indeed, Val! Thanks for the reminder. ❤
    Diana xo


  4. Focus on the good in others… yes, we tend to pay attention to negative details… whereas we should focus “on the good in others” as you say… and thus, in the good in us! Great post as ever ♥


    • Frederic, so true! Our default seems to be rooted in the negative … That ego finds its way into everything to defend itself. Being moody is just one of its sad faces. When we can see the good in others and ourselves we connect to our higher Self.
      Thank you your insight … As always 🙂
      Val x

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  5. “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent” – Eleanor Roosevelt
    Great reminder Val, on those days when we feel like everyone is against us!


  6. Julie Buhite

    Val, I love having you and your gentle, understanding wisdom in my world. xo


  7. Good advice Val!


  8. Hi Val, I agree with the sentiments but never saw ‘moods’ as necessarily implying ‘downs.’ I see them as covering the whole spectrum from surviving to flying!


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