* Is Your Soul Yearning for Less Drama?

This is a reblog with some valuable information that could help peeps caught in a drama triangle right now.
Val ❤

Find Your Middle Ground

snow white charactersAre you tired of all the drama and want it to end?  Most of us get to a point where enough is enough and we yearn for peace.

This is a long post today. If you are longing for the drama to end in the highs and lows of your life, then I hope you will find some helpful insights here.

Drama is so fascinating to me. We seem to be bombarded with it in the media and the blogging world, we see it around us at work and on the playing field, and we live it out in our own relationships. I was brought up to minimize drama … and later on found a whole new appreciation of drama when I married into an Italian American family….lol

Drama arises from conflict.

Conflict is a fact of everyday life, whether we like it or not. Its simply a condition in…

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4 Comments on “* Is Your Soul Yearning for Less Drama?

  1. I have noticed how with some people EVERYTHING is a drama and they are victims. From things not explained to them by doctors receptionists (and them getting times incorrect), to being inconvenienced by maintenance work on the road, to rude people in supermarket queues; every day someone somewhere is treating them poorly and they have been hard done by. Someone has to be blamed for every little thing. It seems much better to me that there is no blame cast


    • I agree Elizabeth. There are many people around us who who take on the victim role. Not blaming takes us out of the drama and helps us take responsibility for our lives.
      Thank you for this perspective 🙂

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      • I thought of something else that I gained from your post.
        I had always realized that many of us revel in the victim ‘poor me’ role. However, your post made me realize that many of us also revel in the ‘stoic, courageous, invincible, hero’ role. ” I will fix this”.
        I think this one is me. This role that I play.


        • What a valuable insight Elizabeth. As heroes we try to rescue people rather than empowering them to step away from the drama. When we rescue or try to fix for them, we reinforce the victim role, rather than supporting them out of it!.

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