There has been quite a bit written this week about going with the flow and being more patient. Nancy wrote about how she let go of  being the General Manager of the Universe. I love this metaphor Nancy!


Someone else wanted to harness patience as if it was something that we can strive to achieve in our lives.

Can you really try harder in order to be more patient?

We are conditioned to think that in order to achieve something we have to focus on it, look at the options and then strive for it. Take action!
Here, the opposite is true. In choosing inaction, releasing and letting go, we experience patience. We try softer instead of harder.

Patience really only has meaning through a lens of impatience. Impatience is wanting things to be how we like it … now!

Its that General Manager of the Universe taking over again. 🙂

resign as general manager of the universe


Patience is found in the present moment.

In the sacred pause at the end of an exhale.

No need to rush and gasp for air on the next breath.

Trust that it will happen in a natural flow.

Patience is found in your Middle Ground.

Its like a big long exhale in life 🙂





13 comments on “* Patience and the General Manager of the Universe

  1. I feel, that my patience has been changed through my life several times. In some periods I was very patient and in others not so much. It is good to learn, live gets more easy that way. Thanks for sharing this great post Val 🙂


    • Thank you Irene! I’ve noticed that it does shift over time and with life experiences. There is also wisdom that we share that comes with age and acceptance. Val x


  2. I really appreciate your sharing this one Val. The concept of letting go seems to be very important for me at this time. I really like this:

    “In the sacred pause at the end of an exhale.” This touches me because I savor that moment in meditation. That very beautiful pause. Almost like a deep trust.

    Thank you for this!

    Peace ~

    Allison xo


  3. Val I sure needed to be reminded of this today! I always, always try harder until I remember to let it go. How long will it take for me to get this through my head? 🙂
    Diana xo


    • Diana, it really is a journey isn’t it. Thank you for sharing!
      I’ve found that when we are too much in our head, impatience will find its way back in. The answer is not in our head at all, but connecting with our essence in the present moment 🙂


  4. Patience is my “default position” most of the time. Driving to the island and the draw bridge goes up ~> enjoy the view. Lines to check out at the grocery store ~> people watch (or be nosy and check out what kind of food they buy).

    But that’s because those situations, and much of life, is already to my liking. There is no lens of impatience to look through. I am already where I want to be. So it is easy to relax and just be with the what is.

    In contrast, when someone I care about is sick ~> I am impatient for them to get better. And that creates “unnecessary suffering” . . . because you can’t push the stream. The what is, is.

    Also, when someone acts in a way that is “alien” to me, there is a tendency to want to steer them in a different direction. THAT is the G.M. position that I am working to let go. Maybe the lesson that I want them to learn is still chapters ahead of where they are right now. How do I know? I am not privy to their curriculum.

    So, I’m going to focus on my path and the lessons on my curriculum . . . while letting them make their own right (or wrong) turns. Sometimes it takes a “mistake” to get our attention.

    Thanks for another beautiful post. And for the Anonymous poster quote.


  5. Thank you for sharing Nancy … and for your original inspiration!
    There is something here that’s worth exploring … especially when we feel that we have found one of the answers to life’s challenges. As caring humans we want others to have that knowledge as well and feel better about themselves and life…..
    But there is a fine line between imposing our agenda, and meeting them where they are at. Letting them engage in their own life.
    This is where I am on my journey right now.
    Trying not to impose, but to shine a light and engage with people just where they are.
    Val x


  6. I have two minds about patience.
    Sometimes patience can be my own detriment when I am telling myself ‘calm down’, ‘do not worry’, ‘things will work out’, ‘just be patient’; when in actual fact I should be facing reality, charting a plan, and taking action.
    However, once the plan has been charted and the course of action commenced, patience is really needed because things always take longer than I think and many stumbling blocks encountered en-route.


  7. Thank you Elizabeth for sharing how patience works in different ways. There is a learning here. When we recognize we are judging and trying to control our own outcome, its a call for us to pay attention to what the judgment is. What is behind the judgment is something for us to look at…
    When we want things to be different and speed up, it is more like the General Manager of the Universe.
    Same ego. Different tactics.
    I’m not sure that this makes sense … I’m definitely no expert on patience, judging or ego!


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