Bee selfieA few days ago it was time to check in our two new bee colonies. This was our second foray up to the hives. We got suited up and checked one another with care. We made sure that we had the tools we needed, and then we set out.

As we approached the hives I became really focused on my thinking, actions and feelings.

Much later, after we had checked in on the queens and refreshed the sugar water, and placed everything back, I had this realization:

Being a bee keeper is a mindfulness practice. 🙂

What a valuable lesson here to bring to life and share:

Be patient.

Respect this space.

Be open to the unknown.

Respect those around me.

(Even when they are busy busy busy and I have no clue what they are doing!)

There is an intelligence here that I cannot fathom.

Be curious.

I may not understand but I trust in nature.

Go slowly.

Breathe easily into each moment as it unfolds.

Notice what comes up.

Give it space.

Let it bee.


We can bring a sense of mindfulness into all sorts of routine behaviors and actions in your daily lives.  There’s no need to sit meditating or roll out a yoga mat to find your Middle Ground.

Take a moment to consider the mindful moments of your day.  When you feel connected with yourself and the world around you. When you are truly present.

Is there some routine or action where you can bring a new sense of awareness and presence?….

14 comments on “* Beeing Mindful!

  1. bee ing grateful
    as i open
    the honey jar!


  2. Instead of making a new year’s resolution I chose to name 5 priorities for my life. They are God, my tribe, my purpose, necessities and health. I’m a huge fan of walking which fits under health and a couple of months back I decided that when I go for a walk I will pay attention to the people I see (I’m an urbanite, so there’s lots) and pray for them which fits under God and my purpose! Thanks for this post and reminding us to bee mindful. ❤
    Diana xo


  3. In every moment, just beeing.
    Ha! I love it!


  4. I tend to remain mindful throughout the day. When I’m peeling carrots, I’m peeling carrots. When I’m washing my hands, I’m washing my hands. When I’m eating, I’m eating. I try not to allow the past and the future to crowd out the present.


  5. You found a great way to mindfulness Val 🙂
    When we stay among other souls in the nature, we need to be awake at same time.


  6. I’m still so exited about your beekeeping! I love the lessons that you are learning, you are right, they can be applied all across the board!


  7. Professions for PEACE

    I completely and passionately agree! Even while vacuuming (not a nice chore for me) I aim to bring a meditative presence to it. Love this BEE list of yours. Thank you for these wonderful reminders to bee mindful. Love it! xo Gina


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