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* Finding My Middle Ground after Kripalu

I have just returned from 10 wonderful days of teacher training at Kripalu. I came home with a cold (like most others in the group!) and a heart full of appreciation and warmth for the gifted people there. I also learned about advanced assisting in yoga.

peacock featherIt’s now very clear that “advanced” assisting is not about manipulating a person’s body into a pretzel position!  The Kripalu approach is to take into account the whole person with compassion and understanding. It goes further than the physical and into the inner layers of our being – called koshas in Yoga.

From the kosha perspective, yoga helps us bring body, breath, mind, wisdom, and spirit (bliss) into harmony. The koshas are interwoven layers within us. You have no doubt experienced this in your own body: When you are tense or strained, your breath becomes shallow, your mind becomes easily agitated, and wisdom and joy seem far away. When you are filled with joy and communion with life, these feelings permeate your entire being.

It reminded me that there is so much more that our physical bodies when it comes to yoga. Its an exploration of what is within us, as well as how connected we are to others and the world around us.

As I take care of my cold and snuggle in on this snow filled day, I’ll simply let the wisdom and insights from last week be absorbed, knowing that they will be expressed with joy in their own time.

Accepting what is, will bring us to our middle ground…. Nyquil also helps 😉


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