waiting for your season
Image Source: adorabletab.com
Transition awaits
Moving quietly, unseen
Yet so powerful

We look to future
As we let go of the past
Embrace the present

And come to being
In the pause of this moment
Find your Middle Ground

Are you ready?

I used to think I needed to ensure all my duckies were in a row, and every eventuality was covered. Then I would be ready to move in the direction I was prepared for. Yet, life happens anyway and change is inevitable.

Embrace the season and all that is emerging, transforming and letting go.

Find time to pause and be still. In this moment the truth is revealed. We are a part of nature not apart from it.


7 comments on “Haiku – transition awaits

  1. That we are Val, an ever changing human in an ever changing world. We cannot be but that movement into the future…by being in that ‘now’. Great post dear lady, may your ‘now’ be that balance 😀❤️🙏🏽

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  2. Knowing we (I) am part of it is pure comfort.


  3. Could not have said it any better Val. Transformation is here, how we navigate that is in our own hands and hearts.

    Loved your poem Val.

    I feel many of us are standing in our higher power of holding that balance and as you’ve always taught us. To stand in that middle ground.

    Much love your way Val. ❤️💕❤️

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    • Thank you dear Sue. This is a time to remain true to our Self and to embrace what feels right at the deeepst level of our being. Thank you my friend for sharing the goodness and the possibilities through awareness and love 💖🙏🏼💝


  4. lovely invitation…thank you, Val.

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