observing ourselves
beautiful world
Wherever you are
"I am happy to be here"
Brings you Home again

Standing in line after line at airports over the past few weeks gave me a lot of opportunity to observe and reflect. There were new insights into my fellow humans and my own reactions to the world around me.

Something was stirred inside me. A feeling of welling upwards and opening energy is a common occurrence nowadays, on and off the mat. My senses become acute and a feeling of warmth moves through my body. I have come to think of it as a wave of life force energy or a spiritual hotflash. It’s a call from Source to listen deeply.

When it happens I turn to pen and paper to see what comes up. Where there is no pen and paper, my mind will begin to create a haiku which captures the essence of the message. This time the voice said “I am happy to be here” and it was the truth. Right here and now is where I can be happy. Saying those words brought me back to a calm center and appreciation of simply being alive. I am happy to be here.

Over the years I have felt a tension between being Scottish and missing things that are dear to me in my homeland. There has also been disturbance when in Scotland and missing certain things from my life in the USA. I wasn’t fully grounded in either place. When in one, I wanted more of the other.

It doesn’t seem like much, but the feeling behind those words and recognizing them as the truth has allowed me to find a deeper contentment, and a renewed commitment to be present.

The wisdom here is that the “place” where we are isn’t what matters. It’s the life force or Source within us that connects mind, body and spirit. This sense of wholeness and wellbeing is our true Home, no matter where we happen to be standing on this earth.

The seeking and uneasiness ends when we find our way back Home.


48 comments on “Haiku – happy to be here

  1. Love this Val! It’s all too easy to fall into the β€˜grass is greener on the other side’ trap, but when one just embraces the joys and benefits of the present moment, there’s a peace and happiness to be gained that is undeniable. Admittedly sometimes easier to say than do, I will be the first to concede, and yet something to strive for I believe….πŸ’•

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  2. Very beautiful Val, touching something within that only love can share. And thank you for sharing it too πŸ˜€β€οΈπŸ™πŸ½

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  3. Val, what a beautiful and honest post. Being where we are can be fraught…when we are longing for another place. I was reading about detachment this morning. I feel as if your post was timely…reminding me of yet another level of detachment that is important so that I can experience full presence where I am. A sort of β€œbloom where you’re planted” presence. πŸ’œπŸ™πŸ»

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  4. Sharon Lawrence

    Love this sentiment- it certainly resonates with me!

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  5. Pat Walton

    Words to live by, have never been truer. Peace comes from true presence! Thanks for sharing your haiku.

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  6. Linda Rappaport

    Thank you Val. This is beautiful. I can relate!

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  7. ‘Spiritual hotflash’– love it! ❀

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  8. pyonchek

    Val, What a beautiful expression of your spirit! πŸ’•

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  9. Thank you for this Val. ❀️

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  10. Anonymous

    This really resonates with me. For many years now I have believed that home is where I am

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  11. This really resonates with me. For many years now I have believed that home is where I am

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  12. Yes! We are always “home” . . .

    We are here, and it is now. What else is there? ~ Kobi Yamada

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    • Thanks for this Nancy πŸ’ An other realization stemming from this is that I don’t have to go somewhere or roll out my yoga mat to feel the peace and feeling of β€œhome”. πŸ₯°


      • So true! To tap into it, we need only quiet the mind, be silent, and allow the infinite pool of Peace, Hope, Love, and Joy to surface.

        Aah . . . that’s it!

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  13. Good advice to live by, Val.

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  14. I can relate, Val, beautifully written. πŸ’ž

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  15. Very beautiful, Val. A sense of home is always with us.

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  16. I find this very interesting. I told my husband if we had ever become independently ‘wealthy’ I would never be able to have more than one home. I felt if I was in one, I would constantly be wanting to be at the other. And it would be a constant internal battle!

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  17. Lovely words and sentiments, Val, and truth. Much appreciated.

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  18. Yes indeed, Val. I get and fully appreciate your valuable reminders. Thank you.


  19. Ah, just what I needed…I am happy to be here…Thank you, Val.

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  20. “the feeling behind those words and recognizing them as the truth has allowed me to find a deeper contentment”
    I love that line, Val. So often just recognizing what’s going on inside us offers the solution. Beautiful message and haiku.

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  21. Val,
    I love the poem but especially appreciate the background story accompanying it. It makes me think about being home within my body. It is a good feeling and one I didn’t use to know how to experience.

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  22. Great and inspiring haiku!

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