Haiku – wholeness


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Natural wholeness
Gratitude for no reason
In Your Middle Ground


When we discover the natural wholeness in the center of our being, we begin to see and relate to the world differently.

We recognize that no matter what is going on in our life, or the experiences of the past, we become less attached to what we want, and are much more grateful for what we have.

This is where contentment lies.

It is an inner state of being, rather than one dependent on the external world’s influence.

Independent of circumstances we can be happy for no reason.


Contentment and Yoga


“We must live in the now to follow the path to enlightenment. In the lower realms of the mind, where time and space seem very real, we are worried about the past and the future. These two intermingle and limit conscious awareness.

A person functioning in the now is in control of his own mind. He is naturally happier, more successful. He is performing every task with his fullest attention, and the rewards are to be seen equally in the quality of his work and the radiance of his face. He cannot be bored with anything he does, however simple or mundane. Everything i interesting challenging, fulfilling. A person living fully in the now is a content person.”

~ Satguru Sivaya Subramaniyaswami


May we all let go of attachment to the past or to a particular future. Our thoughts move from one to the other and prevents us from being fully present.


Notice your thinking

Come home to your body and breath

Find your content ground


See you in my regular yoga classes this weekend.


Haiku – Nature


common female blue butterfly

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Come into the Now 
Witness the awe of  nature 
Find your Middle Ground

Find your Middle Ground is about stepping away from stressful days and anxious minds, and taking time to pause.

When we are mindful of the present moment and simply allow it to be, we open a door to our natural state of being – accepting, loving, peaceful, kind and content. Most of us are so distracted and moving so fast that we get caught up in the world of “doing” or worrying about what we should be doing next.
Too much doing and thinking disconnects us from our sense of “being”and who we really are.

I write about finding this place of connection, contentment and peace in the highs and lows of life. I call it our Middle Ground.



If we Believe in the Unity of us All


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If we believe in the unity of us all
Then we must let go of judging an other.
Judgment keeps us separate
And grows thorns around our hearts.
As long as we judge, we will suffer.
We are no longer living in connection
With ourselves or others.
Pause and listen to what wants to be known
Let go of spiraling thoughts.
Feel what needs to be felt.
We must touch the love within
And open our hearts to all.
This is the path to contentment.

* Tao Wisdom ☯ – be sustainable

Take a few moments to pause and reflect on these wise words from Lao Tzu.

tao wisdom
Your image or your being:
What is most treasured?

Your being or your acquisitions:
Where lies true value?

Loss or gain:
Which is more damaging?

Extreme attachment is the foundation for extreme anguish.
Acquiring in excess is building for great loss.

Find contentment from within.
Be aware of how you affect your surroundings.
Allow freedom to flourish around you.
Do not impose or dominate.
This is what it means to be sustainable.*

*Braun Jr., John; Tzu, Lao; von Bargen, Julian; Warkentin, David (2012-12-02). Tao Te Ching (Kindle Locations 614-622). . Kindle Edition.

“Life is …

“Life is a series of highs and lows. Be grateful for the highs. Be graceful in the lows. Find contentment in your middle ground”

I woke up one morning with these words in my mind. If you are coaching client  or are a student in one of my yoga classes, then you’ve probably heard them before.

It is the very essence of my own life. As a coach and yoga teacher, I guide others to find their own middle ground.

In this place we can nourish and replenish ourselves. Feel grounded and strong. Find compassion and peace of mind.

From your middle ground comes personal growth, creativity, courage, and awakening to a new way of living and being in the world.

This blog is a way to share my own experiences, knowledge and resources with others on this path called life.

Welcome aboard!