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Stressing to be fit?

Consciously decelerate

Find your Middle Ground


“Conscious deceleration” is a term I came across in a report from The Future Laboratory  which identifies macro trends and new directions in the Health and Wellness industry.

The bottom line is: We are being bombarded with new ways to achieve fitness goals and to be less anxious. A recent study by researchers at Yale and Oxford found that too much exercise is worse for mental well being than no exercise at all. People, especially Millennials,  are getting burned out trying to avoid burn out. Everyone is getting more stressed out about how to de-stress!

The pendulum has swung too far and we are out of balance.

We must consciously slow down and create some calm in our every day. We need to take time to pause as a counter balance to the busyness and constant demand for our attention.

Having a regular practice of mindful breathing, yoga and meditation are ways to consciously decelerate and can become a haven in the world we live in.

Research is now being done about how music and vibrations can recreate the same calm state of mind as regular gentle yoga and meditation. You may want to experience crystal singing bowls at 432Hz or listen to binaural acoustics that induce a Theta mind state. Its already here and more in coming.

What was once rooted in the sacred past of yoga and meditation is now being developed using new technology to reduce stress and bring more peace into our lives.

May you Find Your Middle Ground in this new decade and beyond.




30 comments on “Haiku – conscious deceleration

  1. Amazing study dear Val… Now just when I have take up Zumba again lol.. I promise not to get too stressed though.. 🙂
    And I do so agree about Music and our brain waves… We are All of us Frequency after all…
    Lovely to see you in the reader the same time I am here Val..
    Hope all is well with you my friend.. Have a beautiful relaxing day and a very informative post.. Thank YOU.. ❤ 🙏

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  2. Using music to de-stress, to inspire, to calm is my go to. Thanks for your beautiful words and the music links Val. Have a blessed and calm day.

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  3. A very worthwhile message in your post, Val.

    In Australia, there’s so much advertising on diet and exercise, it’s getting to be a multi-million dollar industry and constantly eats away at your mental peace and contentment.

    I fully support the ‘middle way’ of not too much and not too little. If you’re already stressed running your life at a frantic pace, vigorous exercise and highly structured/restricted diets only add to the stress load in my opinion.

    Better to slow down, quieten your busy mind for a while each day and eat a sensible balanced diet, allowing yourself a day each week for ‘treats’

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  4. Balance. Balance. Balance. ❤

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  5. Stressing about destressing? Oy, things are worse than I thought! These recordings make me think of sleeping – I guess they are working? 😉


  6. I love the idea of deceleration, Val. As a sedentary writer, I actually need to exercise more, but even “more” is pretty modest compared to what some people do. Yoga and tai chi are my go-to decelerators. As well as walks with my buddy, Mother Nature. 🙂

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    • It sounds like a wonderful balance Diana. Thank you for sharing 💛 Mother Nature over technology for me as well! Perhaps it goes under the radar because there is nothing to purchase there. 🙃

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  7. Kicking down the cobblestones . . .
    Looking for fun and feeling groovy!

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  8. I like the term “conscious deceleration,” and think this is valuable research. I am certainly aware of my personal desire to “slow down” but at my age, this isn’t too unusual. I would love to think that people in their 40s and 50s would be more thoughtful about their pace and ever-accelerating patterns. I do worry about my children and their professional pace and pressures!

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    • The message really is for the next generation. So much over stimulus and stress there. We can bring our older wisdom with technology based on research . Thank you Debra 💛

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  9. This post is the voice of sanity ,Val. Expressed so well and all so true.

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    • Smiling … thank you Don. Although I think we are both a little insane in exploring and appreciating that which is outside the advertised “sane norm”. 💕


  10. Didn’t Yoga, or at least some practitioners, get caught up in all this fitness obsession with things like Power Yoga and competitive yoga? I just read another post about Hot Yoga, which I’ve tried a couple of times, and thoroughly enjoyed. I’ve often thought about going back. Thanks for always reminding us to find the middle ground…

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  11. thank you for this truth.

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  12. I’ve experienced the bowls and love the serenity that comes with listening to them. I will watch the videos another night, but I’m grateful you shared them! Thanks Val!

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  13. We must all find that peace in our lives. I love to listen to Hawaiian music.

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