End of a Season


End of a season

Chanticleer, the final tour

Find Your Middle Ground


Walking in Chanticleer has helped me to connect to nature and a sense of wholeness in times of disintegration. It has brought peace and balance into my days, especially those when I am not teaching yoga. Yesterday was cool and glorious, the last day of this season. I am a little sad, but filled with gratitude to have such beauty on my doorstep.

I’m not sure what will replace it until the garden opens again in the Spring… but I’ll keep you posted!

Haiku – conscious deceleration

man standing beside train

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Stressing to be fit?

Consciously decelerate

Find your Middle Ground


“Conscious deceleration” is a term I came across in a report from The Future Laboratory  which identifies macro trends and new directions in the Health and Wellness industry.

The bottom line is: We are being bombarded with new ways to achieve fitness goals and to be less anxious. A recent study by researchers at Yale and Oxford found that too much exercise is worse for mental well being than no exercise at all. People, especially Millennials,  are getting burned out trying to avoid burn out. Everyone is getting more stressed out about how to de-stress!

The pendulum has swung too far and we are out of balance.

We must consciously slow down and create some calm in our every day. We need to take time to pause as a counter balance to the busyness and constant demand for our attention.

Having a regular practice of mindful breathing, yoga and meditation are ways to consciously decelerate and can become a haven in the world we live in.

Research is now being done about how music and vibrations can recreate the same calm state of mind as regular gentle yoga and meditation. You may want to experience crystal singing bowls at 432Hz or listen to binaural acoustics that induce a Theta mind state. Its already here and more in coming.

What was once rooted in the sacred past of yoga and meditation is now being developed using new technology to reduce stress and bring more peace into our lives.

May you Find Your Middle Ground in this new decade and beyond.




* Haiku – your message

Your life is your message

CAPE ELIZABETH, Maine — David Allen of Stone Point Studios


Find Your Middle Ground

Let your life be your message

Written from the heart



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