naked trees cover by snow
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Every Step is Holy

By Danna Faulds

The journey from the known
to unknown, from the
unreal to the real, is rarely
revealed in advance.
The potholes, detours,
false starts, and quick retreats
are each honorable,
and even needed in the bigger
scheme, in the forest that can’t
be seen between the trees.

It took years for me to realize
that the very twists and turns
and shadows I labeled “problems”
were really sacred ground
grace disguised as obstacles,
the whole pass a pilgrimage,
mysteries baring themselves
before me all along the way.


Grace disguised as obstacles as we step together through our lives of potholes and detours… walking each other home.

Being there for our selves and others on this journey is the ultimate in grace.


21 comments on “Every Step is Holy

  1. yes, it is good to remember this, val – thank you

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  2. Val, you know it. Those very problems and detours and holes are the very ones some of our best lessons and most growth come from. Thank you for being on this journey with me. Bless you! xo

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  3. I can only agree with you, Val ❤

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  4. I’ve spent the last two and a half weeks in grace, with family, walking a family member home. It was an honor to be part of that walk.

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  5. People that face the same external situation

    One thinks the world is against them

    Another sees the big picture

    We all have challenges, accept and live in the moment

    Perception is our reality

    I lived the world is against me from childhood abuse

    It was not a life sentence but the freedom from accepting has little suffering

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  6. Every step, painful or joyful, is indeed holy Val. Beautiful words. 🥰

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  7. Obstacles can be opportunities in disguise.


  8. we need to enjoy both the journey and the destination


  9. This is so meaningful to me right now, and so beautiful with the picture, just a great message. Thank you for sharing.


  10. Fabulous. The journey is the gift but it may not feel like it at the time your feet are blistered. It is easier to see this as I age. Thank you Val.

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