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Find your Middle Ground

Switch off all your devises

Come home to yourself


I wrote this haiku a while ago and it hit home. It was definitely a message for me to listen to. This is such a simple and practical idea, but putting down our devises isn’t so easy.

I have been experimenting with less online activities, including blogging. There is so much coming at me and trying to grab my attention. It takes me out of balance and out of my Middle Ground.

Technology allows us to connect to hundreds of people in any one day. Not long ago, we were reliant on physical contact, phone calls and mail. And yes – we had to go out to meet people and shop in stores.

Of course, having the smartphone within hands reach has become a habit. I used to leave it in the kitchen while I was in my office, only to find that companies wanted to text me with security codes and confirmations.

Are my devises running my life now? Could I function without the apps on my phone?
The answer is probably…..

What I am doing is being more and more aware of how these devises seem to be taking over my time and energy.  It is up to me to be able to switch off.
Right now I don’t take my phone to the bedroom and switch it off when I teach or practice yoga. That’s my true Middle Ground time.

Without external distractions, we can come home to ourselves.
When we come home to ourselves we no longer feel so distracted, separate and lost in the world.

34 comments on “Haiku – devises

  1. I’m so with you, Val. I’m done with people who keep their noses in their phones!

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  2. Great post Val — and observations.

    I use my phone as my camera. Everyday I take it with me when I walk with Beaumont — and keep it on silent. But I always know it’s there. So… I am leaving it at home more and more. My walks are so much more enjoyable when I am not distracted by my phone’s presence!

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  3. Oh, I do agree so much, Val.
    Our devises are taking over our attention, if we don’t conscious cut them of by ourselves.
    I try to make a routing in my daily life, where I close my PC and only answer the mobile, if necessary. Otherwise I can call back later.

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  4. Val, this is a valuable reflection question, “Are my devises running my life now?” I would also add this one, How are my devices supporting me in living the life I want to live? Thanks for your ongoing thoughts and intentions.

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  5. My true middle ground, Val, is when I am out in a forest or in the gym. I have my phone OFF. Or if I am out in the forest and want to take pictures with my cell, I have it on airplane mode. I also leave my cell in one place in our house and barely do I touch it. I’m realizing as life’s challenges turns up a notch or two or three, I tend to gravitate to the TV. That’s my vice and I’m right now trying to break it. And here I am on WP. *sigh* It’s just been a pretty emotional couple of weeks …… And I really am trying my best. I don’t want my devices to run my life ….. but I must ask ARE THEY?

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  6. I don’t have a smartphone at all, Val, and it’s so mentally liberating. Only trouble is that I still receive the occasional text message on my old-fashioned mobile phone and I find the intrusion annoying.

    I don’t have ‘apps’ either. I don’t have internet access when outdoors away from my iMac which suits me just fine.

    I use the computer every day at various times, but have now mostly refused to turn it back on in the evening, preferring the absence of modern technology.

    It may be annoying to some people, but I quite like being ‘unreachable’ at various time during the day. I quite like the silence and calm of ‘not knowing’ what I’m missing.

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  7. I look back when a phone was on a stand or wall inside the home, permanently fixed to that life inside and no where else.
    These days we bip, play a tune or run into traffic each step we take.
    Sigh…those were the days Val 🙄

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  8. You say:”smartphone within hands reach has become a habit.” I say, I wish it was only that and not an addiction.

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    • Crossing the line from habit to addiction is all too easy. Saying “I am an addict” is also a powerful step towards taking back control. Thank you David 💛


  9. I get it, Val! I took a teeny break over the Thanksgiving holiday…and I really took notice at how many times I reached for the phone and then had to stop myself. What a habit it has become. There is so much connected to the phone…it almost seems impossible to detach completely.
    Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Here’s to taking the breaks we need!

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  10. Om have a peaceful day Val ☺️💫

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  11. This is advice I should be heeding, Val. Maybe I can make it my New Year’s resolution to turn off the smart phone more often.

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  12. The line has blurred for me as to whether the technology is a must have, or a nice to have…

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  13. A couple of times a year we head for the lake. It is in the High Peaks Region of The Adirondack Park, one of the largest intact tracts of old growth forest in the world.
    It is a welcome refuge, devoid of cell towers or signal. It is a time machine that takes me back before nifty and convenient electronics became a burden.
    Incommunicado. Truly off the grid.
    It is the highlight, and the most peaceful break of my year.

    “Haven’t you learned this already?
    Those things are not real.
    The trail, the rain, the trees, me, these are real.
    Ditch that other stuff.”

    – Chuy The Wonderdog

    Seek peace,


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