Happiness and the Movies

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“Looking for happiness in the body, mind or world is like looking for the screen in a movie. The screen doesn’t appear in the movie, and yet, at the same time, all that is seen in the movie is the screen. In the same way that the screen ‘hides’ in plain view, so happiness ‘hides’ in all experience.”

~ Rupert Spira

The wisdom of Rupert Spira touches me and gives me time to pause. When I hear him talk in conversations on YouTube, I have a sense of knowing and his words make sense. Taken out of context it’s harder to grasp the deeper meaning with an ordinary mind and limitations of language….

Happiness is there for all of us, at any moment, when we open up our awareness of it. Otherwise we just get caught up in the story that’s being projected.

… Or perhaps its too early in the morning to decipher what is on the screen.

I would love to hear your perspective.

34 thoughts on “Happiness and the Movies

  1. We are not the movie.
    We are not the story.
    We are not the screen.
    We are not the projector.

    We are the witness, watching the scenes unfold with conscious awareness. From that perspective, we can get caught up in the story OR choose to let go of our desire for a certain outcome. When we go with the flow and let the story unfold in its own way and time, we become a detached observer, overflowing with mirth.

    As joy bubbles up from within, we are one with the laughing buddha.

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  2. As they say, ‘happiness is an inside job.’ It’s the perspective we choose that makes the difference. Even in the worst situations, if you look long enough, you’ll find the silver lining. You just have to remember to look!

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  3. Love that quote you gave us Val.

    Happiness is a state of BEing, and I can be happy shovelling manure in the allotment, as well as when I am picking dahlias, as I absorb their colours and blooms. and fragrances 🙂 .
    We are the writers of our own scripts.. And at any time we can write a different ending to our stories.. Its just that some like to keep replaying the same old video loops.. 🙂
    May we continue to Flow in Love and Happiness dear Val.. And I so thank you for all of your reminders that keep us seeking to be the best we can be..
    Love and Blessings my friend ❤ ❤ ❤

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  4. When you want to see differences between people, you will see a lot. When you want to see the similarities, you will also see a lot. Likewise, when you want to see sadness in experiences, you will see a lot. When you want to see the happiness, you will again see a lot.

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  5. love this
    Sometimes the struggle is being to caught up in breaking down the movie instead of allowing the escape of just watching and taking in the full experience in of the masterpiece

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