Life is Like … Yoga

This is a repost for all my yoga friends out there. Enjoy!

In my years of practicing and teaching yoga I have found it to be a wonderful metaphor for life.

When practicing yoga I have learned so much about myself, Β life and living fully. My practice takes me to my Middle Ground. It centers me, rejuvenates, nourishes and makes me feel alive and connected to my higher Self.

  • Like life, in yoga we tune in to our mind, body and soul connection
  • Like life, in yoga we learn to find the balance between holding tight and letting go
  • Like life, in yoga we learn to accept ourselves just the way we are
  • Like life, in yoga we Β understand the difference between strength and courage
  • Like life, in yoga we learn to face our challenges in the present moment
  • Like life, in yoga we learn to soften into resistance and be more flexible
  • Like life, in yoga we learn to breathe deeply to release tension and ride the waves of highs and lows
  • Like life, in yoga we realize that bending over backwards doesn’t always serve us…
  • And yes, like life, yoga doesn’t have to be taken so seriously!


36 Comments on “Life is Like … Yoga

  1. Great post Val. Yoga has been my greatest gift in learning about my resistance and flow in life. My practice each day connects me back to my body and this beautiful moment.



    • Its so wonderful that each of us can find a way to connect to our mind body and inner wisdom. Thank you yogini Karen.


    • Thank you Kate. And we can find them in all kinds of places. The lesson is to find what works for each of us…. and follow that with all our heart.
      Val x


  2. Body and spirit singing the same tune. Love it.


  3. The metaphor is so appropriate Val – very apt. Thoroughly enjoyed your post. πŸ™‚


    • Thanks Nancy. I have been living my yoga for so long I had forgotten to step back and simply be an observer. It has been so powerful in my journey of connecting to myself and others.
      Val x


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