Mindful River Moment

After writing about living the way a river flows, I came across this wonderful video this morning from Jonathan Foust. Enjoy this middle ground moment with a pair of canadian geese and a nonchalant blue heron ๐Ÿ’›

23 thoughts on “Mindful River Moment

  1. I like the blue heron. Canadian geese…I have a history with them. Not my favorite creature. We have herds of them who have taken over my road out of the neighborhood, they stay all year, and are oblivious to humans, cars, etc. They attack local dogs…very brave, these.

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  2. So restful and peaceful Val, as I watched the geese and the beauty of that heron who strode so gently across the screen..
    I keep promising to video the sparrows in our bird bath.. I counted 8 all at one go the other day,
    The splashed so much I had to fill up the bird bath again LOL..
    Wonderful share my friend xx โค

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