Haiku – joy to be here

terrier in flowers
Google Image


What joy to be here

No matter what the season

Find your Middle Ground


This photo makes my heart sing! Spring is full of bursting energy and anticipation for the change ahead. What a wonderful feeling after the hibernation of winter.
It takes me back to walks in Scottish woods as a child, small dogs and fields of bulbs.

No matter what the season, we can all pause and find this place of gratitude and love within us all.

57 Comments on “Haiku – joy to be here

  1. Holding my breath for spring’s arrival, Val. Mother Nature has been teasing us here in the Northeast…a bit of warmth, and then, bam, a smack of snow or freezing rain. Guess it will be all the sweeter when it finally arrives for good… πŸ™‚

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  2. Such a lovely vision Val, to hold with our hearts..Spring indeed is a blooming affair, here in Cali. May your blessings be manyπŸ˜ŠπŸ’œ

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    • Thank you Bela πŸ’› I’m realizing more that those of us who know what the Middle Gound is and can choose to step away to experience it, are the minority. We take for granted what we have learned along the way … and yet there are so many that are ready to learn and join us. Aloha 🌟

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  3. Moving back towards my Joy, Val, after a very deep dip into the shadows. Oh, yes, Spring, jolts me back to life and I am ever so grateful winter’s days are over. Just to hear bird song brings such Joy to me! Much Love to you! ❀

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