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Last week before class one of my students said how much she  enjoyed my  blog – not just for the guidance, but to show her that I wasn’t perfect. We laughed 😊

Then she asked “So I have my Val, who is your Val to support you?”

Thank you R for caring. It made me realize how important it is for all of us to have compassionate support. It could be a sibling, a teacher, a best friend or a spouse, or perhaps a special pet. Someone who doesn’t judge us, but holds space for us in that moment.

Take a moment and consider: Who do you have to support you in finding your Middle Ground?


34 comments on “For Teachers, Mentors, Parents and Guides

  1. How wonderful your student “said how much she enjoyed my blog” … expressing how we feel about something to our mentors is so valuable. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. soulspeak

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  3. BFF is my go to guy!

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  4. Wonderful reminders Val that we all need some one.. 🙂 And my rock is my sister.. She keeps me grounded.. 🙂

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  5. I LOVE the photo of you and the dog 😉 We are never without our dogs who provide endless sources of amusement and unconditional acceptance. But alongside the dogs is my husband and best friend, lo these 25 years or so. We remain the best of partners and friends. Second to that is a small handful of close in spirit friends, if not in distance. We are people who do not judge or make demands on one another but instead delight when we are able to get together or to chat on the phone. Life experience and common ground are what tie us together for the long haul. Aloha, Val! ❤

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    • Aloha Bela. Thank you for joining in the conversation! Harry was my special soul-dog. This was the photo taken when we found each other. We went through a lot of highs and lows in both of our lives, but always found a way to hold each other with unconditional love. 💞

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  6. Sweet photo, Val. ❤


  7. Reena Davis

    I am incredibly lucky to have the most supportive sisters possibel❤

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  8. Love the photo, Val! 🙂 I can totally sense the love and connection between you two. For myself, I have my mother, my grandmother, and my boyfriend. All three support me in different but equally important ways. 💜


  9. Such a fine moment, Val, and such a fine thought

    My best to you



  10. Lots of people, including you!


  11. what a wonderful and lovely post Val! cheers, peace, and beautiful things to you….. Debi


  12. Whaddya mean you’re not perfect? I’m outta here!

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  13. I love how this person touched you, Val! Sometimes we have no idea the impact we have on others, both good and sad. I’m proud to say YOU are one of my peeps!! 😘 Have a blessed weekend!


  14. Sweet photo and I can see the love between you. I have my Onee, a collection of wonderful friends, including you, and authors, I don’t know how it works – I always find the right passage to soothe my soul.

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    • Thank you Rikki 💛 There is comfort and inspiration in the words of sages… and bloggers. I find writing my posts helps me to connect to inner peace. xo


  15. Your blog certainly helps! And I have a few other friends who do as well.

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  16. I’m with Nancy.
    BFF and Siblings are mine.

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