* Open Your Heart

open heart flower

No matter what has happened before

Your past experience has brought you to this moment.

Let this awareness fill your being with gratitude.

You are right here.

Its time to come home.

Open the door to your heart

Find your Self waiting with open arms.



45 thoughts on “* Open Your Heart

  1. Opening our hearts is really all we need.. So often its the simplest things that we find the hardest to achieve.. When all we need do is open ourselves up to loving ourselves. When we learn the art of living from our hearts, we learn the art of living
    Always your words are what I need to hear.. xxx

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  2. Thank you Val, the flower and all of its siblings in all kingdoms are surely the beginning of gratitude for who could fail to love such a beautiful bloom, I could almost sense its fragrance. When we can feel gratitude for all we have, all we see, hear and touch pushes the feeling of lack into the mists of time. The list of things I’m grateful for is endless … or should that be eternal? I am truly grateful for following and absorbing the words of wisdom you write Val and for all that I will experience in the future which I prepare today! Love, David

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  3. When I come here, I feel as if I never want to leave, Val. How is that so? Your words are like a hug, your favourite drink, the place you go to when you need to find yourself, the sun peeping out from behind a white, fluffy cloud …

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