* Haiku – don’t try to let go

let it go - let it be


Don’t try to let go

Relinquish and let it be

Find Your Middle Ground


When we “try” we create constriction rather than opening.

Letting go can only happen when we stop trying and allow things to settle.

If there is something you are trying to let go of, instead of trying, take time to pause and notice what comes up within you.

Notice the tension and breathe into where it is in your body.

Allow this flowing breath to release the holding.

No need to try.

Let the breath move through you deeply and calmly.

In this space everything can simply be.


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To find out more about finding your middle ground, please follow this link.



27 responses to “* Haiku – don’t try to let go

  1. when you do let go it’s so refreshing and simple, as Buddhism explains, to move beyond the defilements of the mind. Nice post!!

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