self compassion

The obstacle you are facing is a special gift

It is there to bring clarity and new understanding

Instead of finding ways around it or fixing it

And creating stories to make you feel right and in control

Take time to face the challenge

To ask your intuition and heart

“What wants to be known?”

Let the answer reveal itself.

There is freedom beyond this pain

When you meet yourself in your own heart


18 comments on “* Meet Yourself in Your Heart

  1. Beautiful wisdom Val. Our heart holds all the answers. 💚💕

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  2. A lovely reminder. ❤


  3. Reblogged this on Beaming Light and commented:
    “Meet yourself in your own Heart”…love this from Val at

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  4. Beautifully said and so true.

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  5. What beautiful affirming wisdom Val! ❤

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  6. A perfect reminder of the truth that all our deepest questions can be answered by looking inwards. Love it, Val!

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  7. Oh this is wonderful!

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  8. Beautiful words of truth! Stay blessed.

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  9. Love meeting your heart here, Val. ❤

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